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This laptops is sold for salvage, it is sold as-is for parts or repair. It is  intended for buyers capable of providing their own support.  Buyer assumes all risk that laptop (or desired part) may not be serviceable.

These laptops are not thoroughly tested. We power them up, verify the hard drive is either missing or wiped, record thier specifications and then unplug them. If they stay on, we call the battery good.

It is very possible there will be flaws we miss. It is also possible that all this laptop needs is a power supply and software (buyer provided).


Brand   Model:  Inventory Number


Components   Tests Good Missing Untested Damaged /Bad Notes
LCD Cover          
LCD Bezel            
LCD Screen            
Touch Pad            
Optical Drive            
Hard Drive            
HDD Caddy            
Power Port            
I/O Ports            
System Information:            
Powers Up ?            
Boots to OS       From: thumbdrive   
Processor Type?       Processor Speed?    
Ram       Type    
Optical Drive            
Picture Quality            
Power Supply   None        
Warranty ?   None        
Additional Notes: