APC Back-UPS Office 500VA UPS 500 Watts (No Battery) DW081760

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APC Back-UPS Office 500VA UPS 500 Watts (No Battery)

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This UPS Battery Backup came to us with a bad battery.  We have removed the battery and tested the unit with a known good borrowed battery.   The unit tests fine, it charges and discharges properly.

It is sold with NO BATTERY(s) so that the buyer may install their own fresh battery(s) for maximum performance.

Batteries are readily available through several local retailers and are also sold online.  (most batteries cost around $20/each)

Brand: APC

Model:Back-UPS Office 500VA

Rating:500 Watts

Battery Size

Length 5.5″

Width 2″

Height 4″

Quantity of Batteries 1

Configuration Notes: 1x battery

Input Plug Type: 120V

Output Plug Quantity & Type 120V

Includes: 3x battery and surge, 3x surge only

Lacks: Batteries