Dell Inspiron 1520 Intel Pentium/250GB/2GB RL020540

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Dell Inspiron 1520 Intel Pentium/250GB/2GB

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March 4, 2021 11:00 pm

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This laptop has been refurbished by us.  It’s hard drive has been wiped. It has Linux Mint (new operating system) installed.

We may have also replaced other components as necessary.


 Dell Model: Inspiron 1520
Inventory Number:


Components   Tests Good Missing Untested Damaged /Bad Notes
LCD Cover   x        
LCD Bezel   x
LCD Screen    x        
Hinges   x        
Latch    x        
Touch Pad    x        
Keyboard    x        
Optical Drive    x      
Hard Drive    x       250GB
HDD Caddy    x    
Battery    x        
Base    x        
Power Port    x        
I/O Ports    x      
WiFi x
System Information:            
Powers Up ?    yes        
Boots to OS    yes   From:  
Processor Type? Intel Pentium T2310 2Cores   Processor Speed? 1.46ghz  
Ram    2GB   Type DDR2  
Optical Drive   DVD        
Picture Quality   Good        
Power Supply   Yes        
Warranty ?   30 Day
Additional Notes: Graphics- Intel GM965