Liebert GXT3 2000 VA UPS (No Battery) DW091566

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Liebert GXT3 2000 VA UPS (No Battery)

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September 24, 2020 10:00 pm

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This UPS Battery Backup came to us with a bad battery.  We have removed the battery and tested the unit with a known good borrowed battery.   The unit tests fine, it charges and discharges properly.

It is sold with NO BATTERY(s) so that the buyer may install their own fresh battery(s) for maximum performance.

Batteries are readily available through several local retailers and are also sold online.  (most batteries cost around $20/each)

Brand: Liebert

Model: GXT3

Rating: 2000 VA

Battery Size

Length- 6″

Width- 2.5″

Height- 3.75″

Quantity of Batteries- 4

Configuration Notes: 4 batteries in sequence

Input Plug Type: 125 V (see pictures)

Output Plug Quantity & Type:125 V 20 A

Includes: 6x battery backup plugs

Lacks: Batteries

Known flaws: Faceplate is damaged, doesn’t want to click in place and stay on